The Practice of Stillness

The practice of stillness

When I feel anxious I often suffer headaches and stomach pain. I have to remind myself, when does freaking out help and what energy am I bringing to myself and others? This is where the practice of stillness comes in. Everyone has a different image in his/her mind of what that looks like and what [...]

Get Lost in Your Dreams


One day, a voice in my head asked, “Who do you think you are?” I smiled and answered, “I am… Courageous like a lion Playful as a child Cuddly like a teddy bear Open as a flower Beautiful like a rainbow Light as a butterfly Deep as the ocean. The voice in my head never [...]

What Does the Word Peace Mean to You?

Horses bring us together at Equine Assisted Development of the Great Lakes

I had an amazing experience with The Connected Art Prize Group at Equine Assisted Development of the Great Lakes. Here’s what the group is about. The idea is to connect total strangers and create art from an assigned word. Art becomes the vehicle for communicating regardless of backgrounds and beliefs. I heard about the project through [...]

Mantra Writing to Access Your Intuition


Every word has a purpose; every feeling a message. A mantra helps you access your intuition when fear takes over your body. When you repeat a mantra, over and over, it calms you down and takes you back to yourself. How do you select a mantra? Initially, I filled my journal with catchy phrases but [...]

Gratitude is a Practice, Not a Feeling

The light from a lantern at Cedarville Maritime Museum

This week, I feel buried with stressful days and winter storms. I complain to myself about dinner, chores and going to the grocery store. My husband is fighting a cold, my parents are getting ready to move, and I am overwhelmed with projects at work. I scream, “I hate this.” And, if you are a [...]

When We Numb the Dark, We Numb the Light

Outdoor church on Drummond Island, MI

There is no such thing as selective emotional numbing (using shopping, eating, drinking, etc. to escape). When we lose our tolerance for discomfort we also lose joy, according to author Brené Brown. Several researchers state that an intensely positive experience is as likely to cause relapse as an intensely painful experience. Brené discovered that spirituality is a key component [...]

Superbowl Sunset

Sunset on Lake Michigan, Superbowl Sunda

While Superbowl Sunday has passed I have been pouring through images from that night. While our friends gathered downstairs around for the Superbowl pre-game, we lugged gear upstairs to capture the gorgeous colors dropping into the lake. While we heard laughter from below, we enjoyed the solitude of twilight. While you could complain about the [...]

Snow Angels with My Dog

Collage of dog running around while we make snow angels

This winter reminds me of the ones I had as a child when you took a snowmobile to get groceries for you and your neighbors. So, you can either stay inside and watch TV or go play outside and make snow angels. We used a remote trigger and made a collage from four images of [...]

Fear is the Mind Killer

Fear is a mind killer

Today, I watched a photographer on creativeLIVE presenting, “Master Your Craft”. During one of Brooke Shaden’s segments she wrote a quote on the board, “Fear is the mind killer.” She stated, “Fear is what holds us back from not only achieving our greatest dreams but also thinking we have the right to make them a [...]

Compassionate Whispers

Great Smoky Mountains, Window in a Cabin

Self-compassion is acting the same way towards yourself as you would a friend going through a difficult time. Instead of ignoring your pain, you tell yourself, “This is really difficult right now. How can I take care for myself in this moment?” It means no self-judgement. Who ever said you were supposed to be perfect? [...]

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